"Le Magician"

Abille signs the labels for the new Casa Venturini Le Magicien Gran Reserva 2023 line. An icon of the house, the rooster pays homage to Flores da Cunha, and in it, receives the status of magician to explore a remarkable story from the beginning of the last century.

"In an alleged episode that occurred in the last century, a magician who passed through Flores da Cunha promised during a show to cut off the head of a rooster and magically make it sing again.

They say that it was from that moment on that Flores da Cunha, which celebrates its centenary in 2024 and is the birthplace of Casa Venturini, became known as the Land of the Rooster”.

Abille is proud to create the art of this gran reserva, representing the maximum expression of Brazilian terroir.