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The crowd shouts goooaalll!
In 2018, Abille brought a new contagious jingle to Sportingbet. The fun clip again features comedian Marco Luque who sets the tone by playing the character Mustafary. In the film, the comedian is joined by Brazilian MMA fighter Fabrício Werdum, sponsored by Sportingbet since 2015 when he won the UFC heavyweight title belt.

Join in the pitch!
The entertaining film “Join in the pitch" by Abille Agency for's 2018 campaign is starred by comedian Marco Luque. With the World Cup theme, this time the character Jackson Faive is the main role and Mustafary, the supporting actor. Along with the crowd and party atmosphere, Jackson Faive is enjoying the moment until the situation becomes “weird”.

Hey... ho!
The "Hip Hop Clip" brings the last participation of the hilarious Marco Luque in the campaign of 2018. For his final performance Abille Agency once again joined the comedian with the MMA fighter Fabricio Werdum in a jingle full of energy. This time, Jackson Faive shakes the crowd with his sound and invites you to bet and get into the vibe of