Punto Fiore


Punto Fiore
The desire of two successful entrepreneurs in their professional careers, but with a great desire to seek new challenges and use creativity to provide an activity inspired by lightness and beauty, gives rise to a new floral arranging company for especifics events, especially conventions, formal and informal gatherings or family celebrations, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, etc.
The concept
To position this purpose, the Agency searched for inspiration in spontaneity, care and exclusivity.

The crochet dots were made with love and for a certain purpose, offers a light, careful and affectionate result. The point of the flower is the meeting point of colors, aromas and sensations. Together they proposed to offer a result tailored to brighten the space and make possible the realization of positive, pleasant and unforgettable encounters.
The brand is a result of the overlapping of dots and colors, which together form a flower - a kaleidoscope - capable of breathing concept and exhaling identity.